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4 Unexpected Summer Locations

by TGB
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If you are thinking of going travelling at some point in the near future, you might well want to do so in a new way to usual. For most people, this simply means changing up where you are likely to go, so it is a good idea to think about what kinds of destinations you might want to consider next. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the less expected summer locations which you might want to consider, as these will ensure that you are much more likely to have an original and fascinating holiday. As long as you consider the following, your next summer holiday plans are more likely to be interesting compared to your last.

summer locations


Perhaps you want to go on holiday in summer but you don’t actually want to be too warm. If that is the case, then you are likely to see the value in choosing somewhere like Iceland. This notoriously cold nation is in many respects a perfect summer getaway if you don’t deal well in  the heat, and in fact it does have plenty to offer. If you have never looked into visiting Iceland before, you might be amazed at just how much there is to do there. Probably the most popular of all is to go and try to see the Northern Lights. Although it is never a sure thing whether or not you will see them, this is somewhere where you are incredibly likely to do so, and for that reason alone it is worth considering this beautiful location for your next holiday. You might even be able to go skiing if that is the kind of thing you tend to enjoy. It’s definitely one to put at the top of the list for surprising summer destinations.


Similarly to Iceland, Finland is a country which you might not expect to visit in summer, and yet it is also surprisingly apt for that time of year. If you have never been to Finland, the truth is that summer in Finland can be one of the most enjoyable times you can possibly have while travelling. Because the winters are so dark and the days so short, going in summer is essentially a way of making sure to get as much out of this beautiful country as you can. However, you should bear in mind that you might want to plan ahead, because it’s likely that there will be far too many things to consider doing, and it will be hard to know where to begin. For instance, you might want to stay in an igloo under the stars, or you could be in the mood for some husky trekking. Whatever you want to do, Finland is a beautiful country which is well worth considering for your next summary destination.

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A few years ago, the small Southeast-Asian nation of Nepal experienced a deadly earthquake which left the country in ruins. Within three years, they have rebuilt and rely heavily on tourism to keep their economy afloat. This alone makes Nepal a great place to visit, but even if you don’t mind about helping the country out it is a great place to visit for your own sake too. If you go in summer, you can go trekking around the Annapurnas by the foothills of the Himalayas, the homeplace of the Buddha. This makes for an active and fascinating way to spend your holidays, and it is equally great on your own, as part of a walking tribe with strangers, or with your whole family. This is the kind of experience you are unlikely to ever forget, so it’s definitely worth considering for your next holiday abroad in summer. You will be amazed at the friendliness of the people and the food, not to mention the stunning architecture too.

summer locations


Although no necessarily the least-visited place for summer, the truth is that going to Morocco is still not likely to be the first thing you think of when you are planning your holidays. If you want to have a truly ancient holiday experience, however, Morocco is likely to be a good place to start, and in particular the capital of Marrakesh. The city is around a thousand years old, and is known above all for its wide array of marketplaces selling pretty much everything under the sun. it’s worth thinking about if you want to go somewhere a little different next summer, so make sure you think about it when you are planning for your next trip abroad.

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