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5 Things You Should Have In Your Carry On

by TGB
Things You Should Have In Your Carry On

Whether you are jetting away on a relaxing luxury holiday abroad or heading on a trip set to be full to the brim with culture and history, it is important that you are always prepared, especially when it comes to packing. Although some of the items you put in your suitcase, will vary depending on your travel destination, for example, you aren’t going to take a thick winter coat designed for a trip to a winter wonderland on a holiday in Spain. However, some essentials should always be part of your carry on bag.

Right now, many of your travel plans may be grounded as a result of COVID-19, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start getting prepared for post-pandemic travels. With that in mind, here are five things you should always have in your carry on!

  • A Pair of Headphones

Whether you pass the time on your airplane journey by listening to your favorite songs or watching a movie – you must have a pair of headphones in your bag. This means the sound from your device isn’t bothering anybody sat beside you, and you will also be able to block out the noise from your snoring neighbor and listen to your audio in peace! 

  • Glasses/Sunglasses

Wherever you are going, you want to be sure you can see things clearly. Whether you need to wear glasses every day, or from time to time, you must have them on hand should you need them, and that they match your prescription. You can also ensure that your stylish sunglasses, perfect for lounging by the pool or hiking up a mountain, match your prescription exactly. However, if you are gifted with excellent eyesight, you still need a pair of sunglasses on hand. Right now, you may want to avoid stores, but luckily you can gain easy access to stylish prescription glasses online!

What to pack in your carry on luggage

  • Hand sanitizer

We’ve all grown used to carrying hand sanitizer with us as we go about our daily lives. However, they have always been an important component of a carry-on bag, especially as thousands of people travel through an airport or station each day, and you often touch things they will have touched. Be sure to pack a small bottle, that is travel-friendly. 

  • Collapsible water bottle

Staying hydrated is always important, especially when traveling. However, you can’t always carry liquid through an airport, and drinks, once you have gone through security, are expensive. That is where a collapsible water bottle comes in handy! You can fill it up at any point afterward, and fold it away when you are done – meaning it does not take up too much space in your bag. 

  • Portable charger

There is nothing worse than your phone running out of battery, especially when you are traveling and it has all of your important information on it – such as details about your hotel booking, your airport transfer, and emergency contact details. Furthermore, you may be relying on your phone to keep you entertained throughout the journey. As a result, a portable charger is an essential travel companion, ensuring that you are never without your phone! 

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