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A Year In The Alps

by TGB
A Year In The Alps

If you’re the kind of person who needs to take a break from their lifestyle to try something new and relaxing, have you considered the possibility of changing your work environment? Indeed, if you work in an office all year long, it’s fair to say that spending one or two weeks abroad isn’t going to be enough time for your mind to relax and get rid of urban stress. Instead, you could swap your desk job for a rural position abroad? Or maybe you could look for remote working options that let you do the same job from an office of your choosing, such as a cozy little hut in the Alps – as long as it is equipped with Wifi. Indeed, the Alps are a vast mountainous range, spreading between France, Italy and Austria for the most parts, and filled with relaxing nature-based activities all year long. So leave the town behind and let the European mountains recharge your batteries.

A Year In The Alps

Back to the essentials

The advantage of spending a long time in the Alps is that you suddenly learn to get rid of most of the stressful addictions of modern life. Smartphone? Who needs to check their social media accounts when you’re in the middle of nature all day long? Aside from a lack of signal – you may only get signal in villages and some of the best-equipped mountain lodges such as www.tyrol.com/book-your-holiday – when everything moves slowly around you; there is no need to revert to the quick pace of digital interactions. Additionally, you can also get rid of some of your unhealthy eating habits. Most products you’ll find in the Alps are locally produced, from jams to eggs. You’re less likely to indulge in a triple frappu-mochaccino with extra cream when you eat fresh and yummy farm produces.

A snow wonderland

The Alps are also famous for being a naturally sporty environment. Indeed, in winter, you only need a pair of skis to travel from a village to another, and even cross the borders between countries! If you’ve never learned how to ski, take a look at this website www.destinationski.com to pick the best destination. The French Alps have plenty of great spots for beginners of all age, and even for families. Most ski resorts in the Alps combine winter and summer entertainments, but it’s during the snowy season that they really get popular with tourists.

Perfect place to explore the mountain in summer

Summer in ski resorts doesn’t sound like a dull season at all. In fact, you’ll find plenty of excellent hiking trails throughout the Alps to explore the high lakes and the forests. You might even find that some trails take you directly through Alpine pastures, where you can walk by cows, sheep and goats. Additionally, you’ll be pleased to know that some sky lifts remain open all year long to help amateur hikers start their journey to the summit. More often than not, you’ll find your mind reinvigorated at the end of a long day spent in nature.

From organic produce to exciting outdoor activities, the Alps offer a diversity of landscapes, nature and cultures. More importantly, it’s the perfect spot to cure your urban illnesses and reduce your stress levels for good. And even if you’re only going as a holidaymaker, you’ll love the Alps equally in February or in July!

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