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Helpful Tips For First Time Travellers

by TGB
Helpful Tips For First Time Travellers

When you are a young adult who has never ventured outside their own world before, it can be a daunting prospect to leave and travel elsewhere. It is human nature to want to experience more in the world and we have the chance as adults to go out and be brave, forging our own path in the world. When it comes to travelling for the first time, there are a lot of things you will need to consider and make plans for to make sure you can stay safe when you leave the country to explore new lands. Here are just a few of the tips and tricks you need to follow when travelling for the very first time.

Travel with someone you trust

Travel can be a little bit scary at times and if you are doing it for the first ever time it is advisable to go with someone who you trust. Being with someone such as a partner, best friend or family member can keep you safe and it will make the experience of travelling much less stressful. It will be even better if you can go with someone who has travelled themselves in the past as they will be able to guide you through the process and make it much easier.

Get travel insurance

If you haven’t travelled before it can always be difficult to remember every little thing, and travel insurance, although it seems obvious to some, might not come to mind if you haven’t needed it before. The purpose of travel insurance is to protect you against any travel changes and cancellations, booking issues and also it can include health too. It can be a huge deal if you become stranded in another country for some reason or another so it is well worth forking out a little for it when you go away.

Geocaching essentials

Ditch the gadgets

It might seem like sacrilege to ask you not to bring your iPhone, tablet, laptop and camera on a trip, but the more tech you take the most risk you have of it being left behind or stolen. Plus why go on a trip across the world for a break if you are simply going to hide behind your screen the whole time! It’s great to take photos for memories but remember to enjoy your trip in the moment and don’t worry so much about keeping your social media updated with the various escapades you go on.

Confidence is key

If you haven’t heard of the phrase ‘Act confident and no one will question you’, then you need to start thinking about it now. When you visit a country unfamiliar to you, you instantly become a target for con artists and a host of other unsavoury characters. It is very easy for you to look like an easy target if you are spending all of your time looking down at your phone or a map to find your way. It is always better to stand up tall with your head held high and walk around like this is natural to you. People won’t single you out this way and it will make your trip much less risky.

Be cautious out and about

If you do go abroad and fancy trying the nightlife, it is important that you enjoy yourself but also make sure that you keep your wits about you at all times. People will always try to single our tourists and also they might try to spike your drink if you are too drunk to notice. By all means have fun, but try to keep your mind active and clear enough to look after yourself in a foreign land.

Use apps

One of the things which technology can do for you in this day and age is keep you safe without you even having to worry about it. If you get stuck somewhere and need a lit back or you or your friend gets lost, you can use apps such as the ones below to keep tabs on them and make sure they are safe.

Uber: Most people have this app, and it can be a lifesaver when you are in the middle of nowhere and you need a lift back to the hotel. Think about downloading this if you don’t already have it and it can get you out of some tough situations.

Drunk Mode: This is an app you can login to before you go out drinking with friends and it will track you and your friends throughout the night. It means if someone wanders off they will be easy to find and the plus side can be you will be able to look over your adventures the next day!

Find My Friends: This app is a miracle for any family members and friends you want to check on during their trip. You can allow certain people to see where you are at all times and this means if you g missing that they will be able to come and find you.

Helpful Tips For First Time Travellers


Although a lot of people seem to visit their local post office and raid it of cash before a big trip, this isn’t necessarily the right way to handle your money on holiday. Think about applying for a travel credit card for the trip as these will be much more convenient for you. If you want to use your debit card, inform your bank that you are travelling because this will prevent them stopping your card after seeing activity in another country. You can keep some cash on you, just don’t rely on this for the whole trip.

When in Rome…

Dress as the Romans do! When you go to a new country you are always best off seeing what sort of clothes the locals wear because otherwise you may stick out like a sore thumb and this can make you into an easy target for people who may want to cause you harm or steal from you. If you can research the types of clothes they wear and get them before your trip you will be much safer.

Don’t be distracted

In busy areas abroad there can always be a lot of pickpockets hanging around and these can be dangerous for you if you are new to the area and not aware of how things work. For example as you are walking down the street you might be shown something like a map or a piece of paper by someone to distract you whilst someone else comes behind and steals from you. Make sure to always stay alert when out and about and don’t let people take your attention away from your belongings.

Stay healthy

Something you may not consider when you go away for the first time is the different health issues which could befall you on the trip. It is advisable before you go away that you make an appointment with your doctor for a check up and also ask them whether there are any things you need before travelling. For example you might need a jab or tablets to stop you contracting malaria or another illness abroad and it can be life saving to keep these in mind.

Embassy information

Something which may not even occur to you as you travel for the first time is that each country will contain an embassy for your own country. The embassy is a safe haven for nationals and if anything ever goes wrong while you are away you can count on the embassy to protect you at all costs. This can be invaluable knowledge so make sure you check up on it and store the contact information once you leave.

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