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Preparing For Travelling After Lockdown

by TGB
Travelling after lockdown

Whether you are a seasoned travellor, a travel blogger wanting to add more memories to your blog or a family wanting to enjoy a sunny break away from it all… you will all be chomping at the bit right now! Travelling after lockdown will be somewhat different to anything we have ever known before though and we need to be aware that there will still be restrictions in place.

Helpful Tips For First Time Travellers

You may already be looking at holidays and mini breaks away for the end of summer and beyond, something to look forward to when life returns to some normality. Let’s have a look at how you can prepare yourself nor for travelling after lockdown!

Preparing For Travelling After Lockdown

Wash Your Hands (Lots)
We have been the cleanest we have ever been recently – the fact hand soap and hand sanitizer sold out even before lockdown began. Hand sanitizer is sold in bottles less than 100ml so you can carry it in your hand luggage to ensure you have access to hand cleansing facilities at all times. Do you have a good stock of little bars of soap from previous hotel trips? Well now is the time to have them to hand for travels after lockdown!

Face Masks
It is advisable to have face masks to hand now, especially when travelling on public transport or entering shops, so for travelling, they are a must! Single use, disposable face masks are lightweight and easy to use, however making your own face masks is definitely more environmentally friendly! Such a fun activity to keep the family occupied during lockdown, making cotton face masks that can be reused by easily washing them wherever you are in the world.

Five Keys To Safer Food
Our eating habits change when on holiday as it is much easier to simply eat out and about and sample local cuisines. Whilst it is nice having food prepared and cooked for us, it maybe wise to not order anything too far from what you would normally eat. If you are following a particular lifestyle or you suffer with food intolorences, it maybe wise to check out nutritional testing before you embark on your travels so you know foods to stay away from. No-one likes being ill at the best of times, but being ill when travelling is never nice.

Hav you already started making a wanderlust moodboard for travels after lockdown? Start preparing destinations you would like to visit, what you will need and don’t forget the items mentioned above!

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