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Top spots to visit in Spain, and how to get the most out of your #holidayspam!


Spain is a fabulous country with a load of attractions on offer… you’ve got the glistening sandy beaches on the Costa del Sol, the party life in Barcelona, and lots of cultural activities in the likes of Madrid and Valencia… it’s no wonder it’s a top favourite with British holidaymakers!!

In a bid to make the experience of travelling to Spain even better, Three Mobile have recently introduced it as one of their 18 Feel at Home countries, in which their customers can use their phones at no extra cost. That’s right, if you’re on Three, you can now use your phone in Spain and not get charged an enormous bill a month later! What’s not to love?!

To celebrate this, they’ve produced this fun little infographic, which provides some handy hints and tips for holiday-goers, including a guide to the country’s top hotspots. It also has a handy section on how to best to snap those holiday pics like a pro.

Check it out below!

How to #holidayspam in Spain like a boss

Use your phone abroad at no extra cost with Feel At Home on Three.

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