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Travel Games To Keep Everyone Entertained Whilst Travelling

by TGB
travel games

Travelling with a family, whether you are jetting off to paradise or enjoying a staycation requires careful planning and even more considered packing. One of the challenges faced when travelling with family is how to keep everyone entertained, especially if the weather decides to take a turn for the worse with a downpour in the middle of a heatwave!

This is where travel games come to the rescue of many, with John Adams offering a fantastic range of travel games to suit all ages. You may already be familiar with the range offered by John Adams, which includes favourites such as Pig Goes Pop, Rubik’s and its accompanying range, alongside a firm favourite in our house, Silly Sausage! Though some games in the range have been reduced in size, making them the perfect travel games to take on holiday with you. The games are easy to play whether you are lounging by the pool, camping on a field or even on a plane – all that is required is a flat surface!

travel games

Before our staycation holiday over the summer holidays, we were sent Othello On The Move, Rummikub Travel and Triominos Travel to play whilst away. All three games are available in boxes no bigger than a book and are very easy to store away whilst travelling.

All three travel games are aimed at children aged 7 years onwards, so I knew we would be covered for entertainment when we met up with friends and their son at the end of our staycation. I wasn’t wrong! Who knew during our glorious heatwave that the only weekend we were due to spend in a field we would experience Winter like weather conditions, sods law, but that is another post!

Travel Games

Finding ourselves holed up in our quirky cottage in the Hereford countryside, Liv was kept entertained whilst I packed with a game or two of Triominos – a dominoes inspired game with a twist. Each tile is triangular shaped and offers players more choice when laying and matching up their tiles. The game is perfect for 2-4 players, with added helpers too!

Triominos is a fun game that requires skills such as strategy and logic – a great game for those who like to think a few steps ahead! No batteries are required so you can simply open the box, empty out the contents and crack on with playing the game. The only thing that is required is a flat surface and possibly a bag for shuffling the 56 included Triominos tiles. The game is very easy to pick up, though there is also an instruction sheet included.

Travel Games

Played using the same rules as the original Triominos, the winner is the first player to reach 400 points. Points are calculated by adding up the numbers on the Triomino played, bonus points can be earned to help you easily achieve this score – just make sure no-one else sees your tiles! If you play with two players then you can each start the game with nine Triominos, for three-four players, you will start the game with seven Triominos.

The game certainly kept Liv and everyone else entertained whilst I was able to pack in peace. There are many advantages to taking Triominos on holiday with you!

Where to buy Triominos Travel…

You can purchase your own copy of Triominos Travel from Amazon and other toys and games retailers. The travel version is currently priced at £11.99 at Amazon.

Whilst the games are fantastic for travelling, throughout summer or any other vacation during the year, the fact they are so compact makes them perfect for storing at home too. It’s almost time to put the competitive Christmas game player hat on and these games are fantastic for family and friends entertainment during the festive period too.

Keep up to date with John Adams and their fantastic range of games for all the family over on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

travel games

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