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What To Pack For 2020 Travels

by TGB
What to pack for 2020 Travels

I have been quiet so far this year, through hunkering down due to the seriously cold weather we are currently experiencing! This is the type of weather that makes you long for sandy beaches and warmer climes, but where would you choose?

My bucket list grows on a near daily basis and was certainly enriched after visiting the recent Destinations Show in Manchester. A whole host of travel inspiration all under one roof, which resulted in my lounge resembling a travel agents with all the brochures I collected! Still, it will certainly give me food for thought!

You may already know where you are jetting off to this year, but do you know what you shall be packing? Let’s have a check on some clothing ideas to pack dependent on where you are travelling to!

What to pack for 2020 travels

snow boots

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you are heading to colder climates that may involve snow, then a good pair of comfortable snow boots is a sensible investment! I totally love these Sorel Snow boots from Spartoo (price currently £113.60) – durable for walking around in, comfortable for all day way and most importantly, the micro fleece wool lining will keep your feet toasty and warm! The boots are also available in a range of colours!

Pack a gorgeous dress for your travels

Bring Me Sunshine!

Jetting off somewhere where the sun will definitely be shining? Make sure you pack at least one gorgeous dress for those extra special occasions when you are away! Lightweight dresses will take up minimal space in your case or backpack, but ensure you are prepared for any event! The gorgeous Morgan dress featured above, is also available from Spartoo.

Pack a cardigan for your travels

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

Whether you are heading towards the heat, or you prefer it colder, a cardigan will have you covered no matter what the weather! Drape around your shoulders during the day to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays, or wrap up with extra layers that can easily be shed if skiing. Choosing a neutral colour will ensure your cardigan suits most outfit choices.

Use a brightly coloured suitcase when travelling

Bright Lights, Big City

Looking for a new suitcase? My top tip is to always choose a brightly coloured suitcase as they are very easy to spot on airport conveyor belts! A hard case will help to keep your possessions a little safer from being chucked around (and it can act as a seat whilst waiting in airports!). A suitcase with wheels will always make your life easier when navigating your travels – let the wheels take the strain so your back and arms don’t have to!

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how to pack effectively… and for any eventuality weather wise, when travelling!

what to pack when travelling in 2020

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