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When Favourite Brands Are Known By Different Names Around The World

by TGB
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Travelling really is such a wonderful experience, not only do you get to take in the breathtaking views that the world has to offer or new cultures from faraway lands… but you also get to experience utter confusion when it comes to buying your favourite brands and home comforts!

Our favourite brands as we know them may not necessarily be known by the same name in the country you are visiting, with valid reasoning behind that.

Let’s check out some of the obscure name changes of popular products around the globe, as researched by Data Labels. Whilst I am just skirting over a few of the more popular brands in this post, you may want to prepare yourself with a more detailed infographic designed by Data Labels here. Some of these could be handy to remember for future travels!

Attempting to locate a KFC in the French speaking Quebec, Canada when you have a hankering for fried chicken may well be tricky. The company is branded as PFK there due to local laws dictating that the restaurant takes the initials of the French name, Poulet Frit Kentucky. That’s a handy tip to remember if you are a lover of chicken wings like me!

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Favourite brand CoCo Pops is a whole other level… with several renames along the way, the popular Kellogg’s cereal is known by several different titles around the globe. If you are hungry for your favourite cereal in the USA, don’t forget to ask for ‘Cocoa Krispies’ and in Europe ‘Choco Krispies’.

If you are looking to introduce a product or chain into a new location, it’s always best to research thoroughly beforehand. Fast food giant Burger King may well be an internationally recognised burger chain but when opening up in Australia, the brand found that the name was already taken! Don’t worry though, you can still order a ‘Whopper Meal’ as Burger King is known as ‘Hungry Jack’s in Australia… phew!

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Ordering a Wall’s ice cream in most countries may prove slightly more difficult as the brand is known by a different names in a large part of the world… in fact it goes by 27 different names in total.  Fortunately the brand logo is still very recognisable in most countries with the synonymous swirly heart visible on packaging.

I hope this post helps clear up some of the confusion when it comes to ordering your favourite brands when on your travels. Fortunately, ‘beer’ is almost international language, so no need to worry about ordering a pint around the globe!

Happy Travels from Travel Guide Blog!

Favourite brands

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