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Our Favourite Images From Half Term

by TGB
Half term

I’ve spent the morning looking through images from our half term adventure for this post. There seem to be quite a few dedicated to geo-caching, an activity we started last week after a picnic with friends.

It seems to be Liv’s new favourite ‘thing’ as she checks on potential caches to be found wherever we go! It really is such an easy activity to take part in as a family (or friends), simply download the ‘Geocaching’ app on your phone here and away you go!

The app is fairly self explanatory, giving you the distance you need to travel and direction for caches, along with message logs of previous finders and on some occasions images that may help you too. There are hints available to help you find a cache and you have the opportunity to record finding one… plus on some occasions, a cache that could not be found. 🙁

We had so much fun over the half term holidays, even visiting Haigh Hall Woodland Park in Wigan– somewhere that is local to us (30 minute drive), that we had never visited before… but will now be regulars!

Geo-caching has definitely got us out and about more and will continue to do so – a handy tip is to always carry a pen on you as some containers aren’t large enough to store a pen to record your visit. Honestly, give it a go, it is a really enjoyable activity – the digital form of a treasure hunt in some respects! Have you ever tried geo-caching?

Half Term


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